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Speech and Dictation Solutions

DRAGON® Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 gives Physicians the flexibility to create better documentation in less time and for less cost over traditional dictation services. Speech recognition software greatly enhances your EHR system... Read more

Streamline the Claims Processing Workflow

Claims documentation inefficiencies are causing rapid cost escalation for insurance carriers of all types and sizes. In fact, field agents and adjusters — who spend as much as 50% of their day typing reports and documentation — find it increasingly difficult to meet claims quotas... Read more

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech to text program for students who need assistance with typing papers or completing work for class. It is helpful for students who have limited physical mobility, students who have Dyslexia or a learning disability, and students who are slower ... Read more

Speech Recognition - Veterinarians

Now Veterinarians can take the most advanced speech recognition solution to the table and create a better patient environment that includes more focused care and efficiency for the practice... Read more

Philips Professional Dictation Solutions

The Pocket Memo dictation recorder takes dictation to a new level. Breakthrough 3D Mic technology delivers best audio quality in any recording situation. Its robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods of time... Read more

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