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Real Estate

Today’s Southwest Florida Real Estate market is a busy place, paperwork from Short Sales, lenders, and foreclosed properties can be overwhelming; Our solutions are based on real-life practices of the real estate cycle, built to work for you!

You have the familiarity of Act!, but with the intuitiveness of the actual real estate market and procedures. This is truly a remarkable product.

The Groups section has been redesigned to allow for complete Listing, Management Track & Report, showings to your property owners set the closing date for a listing, and let Act! automatically schedule your closing activities for you, never miss a deadline again!

Email marketing and reporting for all your listings, see who’s opening your Emails.

Opportunity Section redesigned to track and manage multiple offers:

  • Enhanced Reporting features
  • Activity Report
  • Property Activity Report with Expenses
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Marketing Source
  • Referral Source
We offer the tools and training to turn act! into a powerful, easy to use, Real Estate Marketing and Selling Machine. Everyone knows act! wrote the book on Relationship Marketing and Contact Management. We've taken our 20-plus years’ experience and knowledge, turned it into the easiest, most cost effective, and reliable system available today.
Scan and Organize for act!
Today's real estate transactions contain multiple versions of contracts, disclosures, extensions, and agreements. The standard Act! Document tab allows simple attachment linking, but Scan and Organize allows act! to function as a robust “Document Management” solution.  

act! Emarketing
Newsletters, surveys and marketing campaigns integrated with today's social media are critical components in today's business environment Act! Email Marketing is a seamless solution that allows you to create highly effective campaigns with ease, and track results.

Hand Held Contact
for act! makes it simple to go mobile with the power to wirelessly access and manage your act!™ Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more right on your mobile device – even if you have no Internet connection.

Real Estate Specialized Database
we have been supporting the top leaders in the Real Estate industry for over 15- years. This experience has given us the real-world knowledge in creating a customized database that works and flows the way Real Estate Professionals do.

Here are a few of the high impact functionality we have incorporated into this database:
  • Track Properties
  • Automate Follow up Messages
  • List potential Backup Buyers
  • Pin point specific Buyer interest
  • Show all activities to owners based on a specific property 
  • Complete with property specific reports, sales and marketing automation
  • Real-time sales data via dashboards.

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