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InSync Buddy DesktopMini 7G

    InSync Buddy DesktopMini 7G

  • $99.99 

InSync Buddy DesktopMini 7G USB (White)
Product Features:

  • High quality, unidirectional microphone

  • Flexible 9 inch gooseneck for easy positioning

  • USB plug & play interface

  • Portable hands-free solution

  • FilteredAudio technology for the ability to record in deafening noise conditions

  • Built-in state of the art sound card for crystal clear voice capture

  • Fully programmable button can simulate keyboard, mouse or Dragon voice commands

  • Cross compatibility means you can use this mic across multiple USB devices

  • Quality materials means this microphone is built to last

  • Backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Live Help Software