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web admin - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The average time spent on the website-landing page is measured in seconds which is about the time you have to grab and hold the visitor’s attention. There is no better way – nor less expensive way - to do this than by using a Whiteboard video.

The Whiteboard video is a short artist drawn animation, humorously illustrating the key points in the script, which show the reasons why viewers should do as you ask – to contact you, for example.

Blaise Pascal, apologizing for writing a lengthy letter said, “I would have written a shorter one but I didn’t have the time”

It is the same when writing the script for the video; the challenge is to tell a big story in about 250 words or less – while covering SEO factors. We will work closely with you to create the script regardless of the number of rewrites, until we agree on the final script.

Our most popular 90 seconds Whiteboard video costs $1,300, which includes design, production, script writing, voice-over (your choice of sex and accent) and some spot color, this is a typical example Whiteboard video

Please contact us to discuss ways in which we can help you “turn technology into increased productivity” 

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