Wednesday, October 03, 2012

By Paul Messino

Last year we ran an article regarding data on copier and printers.  Much to our surprise it was the most popular blog we ran last year.  Many of our customers contacted us directly thanking us for bringing to their attention the data was still stored in many of today's copiers, scanners and printers.  

Many of us have donated used printers to nonprofit organizations.  While this is a great gesture you must be aware  that much of your data may still be intact.

Below you will find a sample from the PDF we downloaded from the government website at

If you have any sensitive data or old printers you wish to be destroyed or recycled, please contact our friend Keeth Kipp @ Read more

It's All About the Terminology

Monday, October 03, 2011

By Paul Messino

We've heard this before - "We don't track sales," or "We don't have sales people."  But then the more we talk to a potential client, the more obvious it becomes that it's all about terminology.  You might not have designated sales people, you might even be a non-profit, but the simple fact remains - any revenue generating activity is a sale, no matter what you call it. Read more

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