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web admin - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You can drive without insurance and you might get away with it – but if you have an accident, you are in deep, deep trouble!

You will not go to jail for not having our Managed Service plan but if your computers breakdown   you can be in deep, deep trouble!

Think about what a breakdown might cost: the cost of correcting the problem is usually the smallest expense, lost production, loss of control and customer issues are usually the greater expenses.

Most important is the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that your computer systems are protected.

We monitor your computer 24/7. We install security upgrades, scan for viruses, remove spyware and more. We anticipate problems – and fix them, We do this without your involvement or by remote support (not all plans) and by an on-site visit in the unlikely event that the problem cannot be fixed remotely, (the plans include reductions in our fees for on-site visits).

We offer three plans; a brief conversation will help us decide which one is best for you. Managed Service Plans

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration and to discuss ways in which we can help you “turn technology into increased productivity” 

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