Microsoft Offering $100 For You To Upgrade

Paul Messino - Monday, April 07, 2014

Microsoft Offering $100 For You To Upgrade Your Windows XP

By Jobs & Hire Staff Reporter
Windows XP: Surviving the Death of Microsoft's OS
(Photo : On April 8 Microsoft will cut off support and security updates for Windows XP. WSJ Personal Technology columnist Joanna Stern guides you through the storm.

Microsoft is willing to pay $100 in order to stop users from using Windows XP. The tech giant issued a statement that they will not be supporting their Windows XP and all of the security updates that come with it. They are also encouraging users to upgrade their OS that has been in use for over 12 years now.

The tech giant is offering their users $100 credit for upgrading their Windows XP to newer operating systems they have in the market. The current versions available are Windows 7 and 8. Microsoft will be offering their $100 credit for personal desktop computers and laptops that has a current value of $600 to $2,300. The promo period is until June15 of this year.

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The operating system upgrade promo also comes with a free 90 days technical support. Microsoft plans to encourage even the most stubborn of its users to upgrade their systems, and this offering can be one of their strategies to entice them to make the change.

Microsoft also announced that Windows Xp "end-of-life" will be on April 8, informing users that the operating system will be have more security vulnerabilities and is defenseless against harmful viruses. The tech giant also mentioned that Windows XP is more sensitive against cyber attacks in the internet, than their latest OS, Windows 8.

Last year, the estimated numbers of computers that still runs Windows XP is at 35% from all Windows running machines. Microsoft plans to lower that number to 0% by pulling their support from Windows XP, this month.

Some tech experts already advised users to support the request of Microsoft, prompting that it would be more beneficial in the future. Repairing the old Windows XP could be more expensive than buying a new computer or operating system, once Microsoft will stop its support.

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