In Generating Sales, Not All Websites Are Equal

Paul Messino - Friday, March 15, 2013
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In Generating Sales, Not All Websites Are Equal

NAHB survey findings highlighted recently on our Eye on Housing blog indicate that, while more than 85% of single-family builders and remodelers have websites, some of those sites are much more effective than others at generating sales. Specifically, larger builders generate about 35% of their business from their websites, while remodelers and smaller builders tend to generate just 10-12% of their business through those channels. Hoping to find out why, our economists delved into the specifics of what different companies offer on their sites, and came up with some good clues. While nearly all sites in the survey mentioned the company's history and offered contact information as well as pictures of completed jobs, the websites of larger builders (25 or more starts annually) typically also provided downloadable brochures and virtual tours, while advertising the advantages of buying a new home. On the other hand, builders with fewer than 25 starts who provided neither downloadable brochures nor material on the benefits of buying a new home on their websites got just 7% of their potential buyers through those channels -- a share that rose to 27% for small builders who provided both downloadable brochures and material on the benefits of buying a new home. Meanwhile, remodelers who provided downloadable brochures were found to generate twice as many customers from their sites -- 18% -- as those who did not. The bottom line is that many small builders and remodelers might want to consider expanding their web offerings in order to gain a greater market share. There's much more information to read on this subject on our Eye on Housing blog and in the full study on builders' and remodelers' use of technology on Your contact for any questions is Paul Emrath (800-368-5242 x8449).  

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