act Backup

Backing up your act database is not difficult but does require some planning. First off, do not rely on your general backup program to do the job for you.

Why? There are several reasons for this. 

1) The database is SQL. This means many popular programs such as backup exec or Carbonite personal will not unlock and backup up the data-files correctly. In fact they may corrupt and damage the database. 

2) While many backup programs can backup a SQL database, be sure you verify this. Most companies charge EXTRA for the added ability to backup SQL files. 

3) It is always a good idea to have several copies of your backup so the one and only file does not get written over every day. 

4) Don't ever copy and paste your database to a new location or machine. Again, you can damage the files. 

Best Practices: 

1) Enable the act! scheduler. Configure to backup your data file to a default location. We always recommend a folder on the root level ie c:\actbackup . 

2) Pick a time and frequency. Select how many archives copies you want to retain. We recommend 10 days. 

3) Configure the email notification if desired. 

4) Configure your backup application to backup files ( *.zip) NOT the actual act! database. This also means EXCLUDE your act! data files from the third party backup program. 

5) Check and verify periodically to ensure daily backups are being created and captured by your backup program. 

To Restore your act database, follow the instruction outlined here: Restore act! Data-files.

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