Act! vs Salesforce 

Which is the better choice? Can act! save money, offer better flexibility and give  you a better  value?

Here are a few examples of how Act! outperforms that will positively impact your business bottom line.

  • Keep your options open - Compared to Act!, is a high cost, high risk proposition. Why lock yourself into a long term commitment? Companies usually change software platforms as some point. How can you economically migrate away from a pure hosted only solution? We offer simple month to month commitments with you always having the option to take your data at anytime.
  • Exit Strategy- Every business plan should have an exit strategy. Every IT project needs the same. If you plan to host the data that is the life blood of your business in the cloud, what happens if you change direction? If you decide to STOP hosting your Act! Database we will GIVE you the software so you can install on premise. You will be up and running immediately. No conversions, imports or programming required. will never, ever sell or give you their software.
  • True Costs - Salesforce charges you heavily as your requirements grow. For example, Group Edition does not accommodate more than 5 users, and if you want to add a 6th, you are forced to jump subscription levels and go from $5.00 per user per month for Group Edition to the $65.00 per user per month for Professional Edition. By their own admission, the $125.00 per user per month Enterprise Edition is the BEST VALUE and MOST POPULAR!!!
  • Low Cost of Ownership - Act! provides a simple pricing structure so there are no nasty surprises down the line. Act! customers benefit from a low total cost of ownership. We offer simple month to month agreements. 
  • Huge Savings - Here’s another number that may grab your attention. On average, a company with 25 Act! users will save over $50,000 compared to Salesforce.
  • Support - You get the Worlds Best Contact and Sales Management Software with support. Ready when you are. Call in and a technician will assist you with remote access. Salesforce publishes either a 2 day turn around or a 2 hr response time. 

Busting Myths

Myth #1: With, you don’t have to install software.

Reality: The no software mantra is a myth. If you need to integrate with Microsoft® Outlook®, Word, handhelds, or use offlinesync, you need to install separate programs for each process. You will need to enter a security token each time you connect.

Myth #2: Professional only costs $65 per month.

Reality: You may enter a contract with the Professional Edition at $65/user/month, but you may soon realize that in order to have automated weekly backups performed, you need to upgrade to a higher edition at twice the cost. All of the management reports in can be created with act! and Crystal Reports® – for less. You may get more reports in out-of-the-box, but you definitely pay for it. By their own admission, the $125.00 per user per month Enterprise Edition is the BEST VALUE and MOST POPULAR!!!

Myth #3: is easy to set up.

Reality: Not necessarily… For example, if you want a custom field to be in Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities, you have to create that custom field FOUR TIMES and then link them to each other.

Myth #4: Writing Letters in is easy.

Reality: 17 clicks to do a simple mail merge. The same process takes 8 clicks in Act!.

Myth #5: I can use to send mass e-mail campaigns.

Reality: True, but with the Professional Edition, your entire company can only send 500 per user per day. The Enterprise and Unlimited editions can send 1000, but that is the maximum.

Myth #6: gives me all of my data in the offline client.

Reality: Not true. With the offline client, you are limited to: 5,000 accounts, 4,000 leads, Limited number of events.

With Act! your get the innovator in Contact and Sales Management Software. Being the industry leader in usability means higher adoption rates, lower project failures and greater results. For over 25 years Act! has been #1.

Just as important, you need to find the right company and solution that will work with you and your individual business needs every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience focused on the specific needs of our client, we ensure you will get the most out of your investment. We offer Act! customization for your industry and can implement for LAN, Network, Web, Remote and Hosted access.

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